Rush Into Russian Is Everything You Need To Start Speaking 

Kris Amerikos and Olya Huntley founded Rush Into Russian to help people around the world start speaking Russian using easy systems, useful facts, and an entertaining and friendly Russian-speaking environment. 

We provide information and resources that have helped thousands of students from all over the world learn Russian, travel or move to Russian-speaking countries, work with Russian companies, make Russian-speaking friends, communicate with Russian family members, and much more. 


His given name is Christopher Huntley, but he also uses the name Kris Amerikos. He is a professional teacher, teacher trainer, business coach, and entrepreneur from the United States.

In 2011, Kris started his first teaching business. He started an English center in Yekaterinburg, Russia where students could speak with native speakers and take lessons with professional teachers. His school was so popular that he had to hire more teachers and then more teachers. That’s when he became a different type of teacher because he started teaching other teachers how to teach. He became a teacher trainer. He have taught teachers from lots of different countries how to teach effectively. Then he became a business coach and taught teachers how to start a teaching business. After some time, he started more teaching businesses himself.

Now one of his businesses is teaching Russian online and every day students from every country in the world can learn to speak correct Russian fluently and with confidence.

He has lived in a lot of different places: Germany, Italy, and the United States, but also Russia where he has been to Moscow (Москва), St. Petersburg (Питер), Sochi (Сочи), Volgograd (Волгоград), Yekaterinburg (Екатеринбург), Ufa (Уфа), Kazan (Казань), Tyumen (Тюмень), Perm (Пермь), Saratov (Саратов), and other cities. He lived and worked in Yekaterinburg, Russia for 8 years. While living there he met his wife, Olya (Оля), who is a certified teacher of Russian as a foreign language who helped develop the Rush Into Russian program.

He usually goes back to Russia once or twice a year and still has a lot of Russian-speaking business partners and friends, in addition to his Russian family members. Kris is fluent in Russian and still uses it every day outside of the classroom.

He has created a new and very effective approach to learning a language that has proved to work for thousands of students. His Russian connections have helped him provide an effective and motivating Russian-speaking environment with professional teachers and native speakers of Russian.

Olya Huntley

Olya Huntley was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia. She is a professional teacher and entrepreneur. 

In 2011 she got a certificate to teach Russian as a foreign language and started teaching. She has taught diplomats from the U.S. Consulate in Yekaterinburg, Russia, international businessmen, college students, school children, and people around the world who want to travel to or live in Russia. 

When Olya was 15 years old she spent a year living in the US and studying at an American high-school as an exchange student. That experience helped her understand the mentality of English speakers. Being fluent in English helps her get points across and make parallels with lower level students, even though the majority of her lessons take place in Russian. 

When she was 19 years old she co-founded a language center in Yekaterinburg, Russia. She helped English speaking teachers come to Russia and work there. She provided Russian classes to those teachers and helped them get accustomed to Russian living and start speaking everyday Russian in the smallest amount of time possible. She did that for 9 years. While running that business, she also started the Rush into Russian project because she wanted to help people from all over the world, not only people who were already in Russia. Since then, any person from anywhere in the world can enter an educational Russian-speaking environment and start speaking as soon as possible!

Our Philosophy

We believe that hard work, motivation, determination and constant learning are the key ingredients to success. You have to constantly work on perfecting yourself if you want to get results in anything. 

Our students often come to us and say: I want to learn Russian in 1 month. And we can see from the very first conversation who will succeed and who won't. It is all about the ability to work on yourself, challenge yourself, and go outside of your comfort zone. So with those students who are not quite ready, we work more on their personal life than on their Russian. We know it sounds crazy, but it's true. 

And the same with teachers. Kris' approach has proven to be successful and he has helped many teachers become successful. It all starts with a person wanting to make a change in their life. 

Of course, that is not all, and there is a lot to our method, and our philosophy in general, that we teach in our programs, but that is what we always start with and that is what time after time has proven to be the key point of change, whether it is your level of Russian, or your income, or results as a teacher.